As one of the heritage brand in Chinese traditional food, we know what it takes to run a successful franchise that offer the best to customer. We seek to grow Ming Fa internationally by offering franchisee opportunity to like-minded entrepreneurs. 

As a franchisee, you will enjoy: 

1. A Strong and Unique Heritage Brand 

There is no need for you to spend time building a brand from scratch. Customers believe in our brand for years and have our very own pool of loyal customers. This will ensure that your outlet will be recognised immediately. 

2. Constant Supply of Goods 

We believe in delivering only the freshest of food to customers. Hence, our supplies are delivered daily from our central kitchen to meet the demands of the outlets. This is also to ensure the consistent quality of food in all our outlets. As a franchisee you do not have to worry about processing food as most of the products have already be processed in the central kitchen. 

3. Training 

An extensive training will be given to all your crew covering on all aspects of operating and managing an outlet. It includes food hygiene and handling, food quality, costing control, scheduling and retention, customer service, marketing and many more. Training will be provided on going basis so as to constantly following the ever changing trend of the market. 

4. New Dishes 

Our research team in Central kitchen will be coming up with new products to be sold in your outlet. This is so as to stay abreast of the food trends. 

5. Marketing and Public Relationship 

We will be constantly doing brand awareness through all sort of channels such as Food Trade Shows, Overseas Trade Shows, Charity Event, including website developments, press release, We will be always in touch with you to update you on the latest Promotions.

1. Franchisee Agreement

2. Site Evaluation and Approval

3. Training

4. Approval of Market Entry Strategies

5. Provide information on suitable equipments and ingredients

6. Products/Services Improvement

7. Conduct Inspections/Audits

8. Dispute Resolution

1. Site Selection & Acquisition

2. Site Development and all other related matters

3. Attend Training

4. Ensure smooth operation of outlets

5. On time payment of Fees & Royalties

6. Compliance with all food standard by both franchisor and local requirements

7. Compliance with use of trademarks and Proprietary Information Restrictions

8. Ongoing Products/Services purchases

9. Keep good records/Report regularly to Franchisor

10. Conduct Inspections/Audits

11. Local Advertising

12. Not allowed to sell outside food items without the approval of management. Seek Franchisor's Approval on any other changes

13. Have to be committed in delivering Ming Fa Vision and Upkeep Ming Fa Corporate Image at all times

14. Show commitment in building a long term relationship with Ming Fa

We are looking for ethical business partners who are passionate and who can demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment in being part of our business expansion in local and overseas markets. For more information about the opportunities available, please email us at general@mingfafishball.com